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"ProSmart gives me a chance to give back to the communities
that helped jump start my career and help grow the game I love!"
- Hayley Wickenheiser, Five Time Olympic Medallist

Our Service

Our mission is to curate the best information for youth sports and make it accessible for everyone.

"Finally there is a platform that brings together the best learning resources, so that families can bring out their best through team sports. It’s all about fun!"
- Wendel Clark, Two Time NHL All-Star

“I believe if the program is being delivered by NHL veterans then it is good enough for any coach in Canada." 
- Fazal, Association Director

"We were so happy to be part of this program. Your Intro to Hockey program enables kids of any age to learn to play hockey.”
- Richmond Minor Hockey
"This is a great tools for the beginner coach as well as a seasoned veteran and it’s so easy to use. The platform really brings back the educational system needed to develop hockey players at the grassroots level.”
- Fazal, Youth Sports Director

“Just finished practice with my iPad on the ice.... IT WAS AWESOME!!! We used week 11-12 Novice practice plan and it was a hit… Kids and parents were saying it was the best practice yet."
- Brad, Volunteer Coach 
"Improving the youth sports experience for every
coach, parent, and player"

Management Team

Alan Schuler Partner & Chief Executive Officer

Alan is a professional hockey veteran and a volunteer minor hockey coach with an extensive background in Business Development and Finance. ProSmart was founded under his belief that all coaches, parents and players should have access to professional education. Today, Alan manages the long-term growth of the organization.

Ty Summach Partner & Chief Operations Officer

Ty is a passionate sports fan with an MBA in Executive Management. He carries a wealth of experience in Technology, Design, Marketing and Brand at various media companies, including Disney Interactive. Ty oversees the daily operation of ProSmart.

Darren Battersby Chief Financial Advisor

Darren has held key roles in several start-ups in the Okanagan. His experience includes financing, structuring and operations and his background spans across the software, entertainment and tech industries. Providing financial operations, Darren is an instrumental member of the ProSmart leadership team.

Brian McKenzie Director, Business Development & Marketing

Brian is a marketing professional with nearly 20 years of training and experience. Almost a decade as a marketing consultant and another in not-for-profit has allowed Brian to successfully contribute to the growth of dozens of organizations with progressive and creative marketing strategies. Brian leads marketing and business development for ProSmart.

Cory Cross Partner & Business Development Representative

Cory played in the NHL with the Tampa Bay Lightning, Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers, Edmonton Oilers, Pittsburgh Penguins and the Detroit Red Wings. In addition to running his own business, Cory leads Business Development for ProSmart Hockey.

Wade Redden Partner & Business Development Representative

Two-time All-Star, Wade played in the NHL with the Ottawa Senators, New York Rangers, St. Louis Blues and Boston Bruins. He also represented Canada seven times. Wade now supports Cory in Business Development for ProSmart Hockey.

Raghwa Gopal Strategic Advisor

Raghwa is an industry veteran with an extensive technology background. Often described as a serial entrepreneur, Raghwa is Executive in Residence at Accelerate Okanagan and has several successful acquisitions under his belt. He brings support and guidance to the ProSmart team.

Jon Festinger Strategic Advisor & Legal Council

Jon is a lawyer, strategic advisor and educator with an extensive legal resume that includes experience with the Vancouver Canucks, CTV, and Ronald McDonald House, British Columbia, where he is currently chair. He brings his leadership and expertise as an advisor to ProSmart.

James Mutter Strategic Advisor & Legal Council

James is a senior corporate lawyer, advisor and business executive. His vast experience includes establishing one of the largest technology law practices in Vancouver and co-founding a venture-backed network intelligence software company. He brings mentorship and expertise as an advisor to ProSmart.

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