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ProSmart Hockey is your source for custom practice plans, personalized skill videos, animated drills and events & messaging tools. ProSmart is free thanks to our national and regional partners. In addition to our comprehensive hockey resources, we understand the importance of balancing training with leisure activities. That's why we also encourage our users to explore safe and enjoyable online entertainment options, such as slot games. For those seeking a break from hockey drills, exploring 안전 슬롯사이트, or safe slot game websites, can offer a refreshing change of pace while still enjoying their downtime.

Expert endorsed content from current and former  NHL stars

Save time and money with a full-season of FREE,  division-specific practice  plans and team management resources. These resources are sure to keep the team on the same page and on time all season long.

hockey practice plans

Practice Plans

Week-by-week, age specific, printable practice plans available to the whole team. Follows international standards best practices endorsed by the NHL Alumni Association.

skill videos

Skill Videos

Dozens of skill videos clearly demonstrated by current and former NHL pros, experts and kids cover the "how- to's" of hockey all the way up to offensive and defensive strategies.

animated drills

Animated Drills

Easy to follow animated drills. Encourage your players to watch them on their own time to hit the ground running during practice.

team events

Team Events

Game, practice and other events with email reminders, maps and notifications.

team messaging

Team Messaging

Simple and easy to use team and individual messages keep your team connected and your parents in-the-know.

mobile app

Mobile App

ProSmart Hockey is now available on the go. The best of the web is now available on your iPhone or iPod.

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"ProSmart has made me look like I've been coaching for years. When I took my coaching clinic I was overwhelmed with the coaching manual and the amount of material that was at my finger tips but had no idea where to start. ProSmart has made the task of developing age and skill appropriate drills simple and fun.”
- Head Coach in British Columbia, Canada

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